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Training and coaching solutions to help healthcare professionals thrive in their careers

Imagine what it feels like to know that you are in the right veterinary job and experiencing optimal wellbeing. What does that mean to you - energy, challenge, confidence? As busy veterinary professionals, it can be difficult to find time to invest in yourself and your career. 

When you are ready to take your career to the next level, or in a different direction, SkillsTree will help you to get there. 

SkillsTree offers a wide range of coaching and training services to help you to reach your life, career and well-being goals at a time and place convenient to you. Choose from our face-to-face training courses, online continuing education, or 1-on-1 online coaching packages.


Upcoming Courses:

■  The Veterinary Roller-coaster: Learn how to build resilience in 30 days

■  Veterinary Medicine: Where to next?

■  Difficult Client Encounters: Balance veterinary client satisfaction with your own well-being in 30 days

All courses combine evidence-based guidance and use self-coaching techniques to support positive, learner-centered change. Learning takes place through use of short videos, interactive webinars, discussions and podcasts; all offered within a safe, supportive, and positive online environment.

For more information about SkillsTree and our other services, see our website www.skillstree.co.uk or email us at hello@skillstree.co.uk




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